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Founded and Established in 2020 King of Paws has grown to be a luxury pet store and brand connecting people and their furry friends together, through clothing, homeware, fashion, toys, gifts, accessories, organic treats and much more.
It connects individuals and their furry friends on a deeper level. It all started when I Dialla the Creative Founder and Director of King of Paws, got a puppy when I was just 16 years old. He was a tiny Maltese x Shitzu, who I named "Pickaboo".
A whole 13 years later and his still my best friend and inspiration in life. With the bond we share I decided to start up a brand to connect other people and their pets together through every day essentials, fashion and gifts.
"The best hearts have fur and four legs" - Dialla, Director  
Pickaboo at one years old - 2011
Pickaboo at five years old - 2016
Pickaboo at thirteen years old - 2023 Current