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Founded and Established in 2020 King of Paws has grown to be a luxury store and brand connecting people and their furry friends together, through clothing, homeware, fashion, toys, gifts, accessories, and much more.
It connects individuals and their furry friends on a deeper level. It all started when I Dialla the Creative Founder and Director of King of Paws, got a puppy when I was just 16 years old. He was a tiny Maltese x Shitzu, who I named "Pickaboo".
A whole decade later and his still my best friend and inspiration in life. With the bond we share I decided to start up a brand to connect other people and their pets together through every day essentials, fashion and gifts.
"The best hearts have fur and four legs" - Dialla, Director  
Pickaboo at one years old - 2011
Pickaboo at five years old - 2016
Pickaboo at twelve years old - 2022 Current