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Croc's Feet with Leg


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Crikey! Croc Feet with the leg attached. More meat, more bone and more taste. These are dehydrated and are great chews, they are not cooked.

Another great option for Crocodile treat lovers, they're low in fat, high in nutrition and bound to be a delicacy you need to add to your treat mix!


Why is Crocodile beneficial for your pets?

Crocodile is a novel protein which is super beneficial for your pets that have skin allergies and suitable for pancreatitis! It is also beneficial for pets who are keeping an eye out on their weight, cholesterol and sodium levels!

Crocodile is:

💚 Great for Pets with Allergies

💚 High in Lean & Novel Protein

💚 Full of Omega-3 fatty acids

💚 Rich in Minerals & Vitamins

💚 Great for Pets Dieting


What is Novel Protein?

Novel Proteins are proteins that are rarer and are new to your pet (meat they have never eaten before). These typically do not include more common proteins that make up the majority of pet diets such as lamb, chicken, and beef, but include more rare proteins such as duck, crocodile, and kangaroo.

Novel proteins can be part of a treatment plan for diseases such as food allergies and gastrointestinal diseases like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The look, taste and texture of crocodile meat is very similar to chicken, and most dogs are happy to dive straight into these tasty treats. When it comes to fussier dogs, the dental treats (feet and tails) can seem to freak them out a little at first which is probably fair enough… you have just presented them with a weird scaley thing with claws! 

Just give them sometime to adjust and get used to the fact that it won’t hurt them! Hopefully in a matter of time crocodile will be the best chicken going around.


100% Aussie Crocodile

Sold Individually.