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Emu Femur Bone


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King of Paws prides itself on selling only fresh organically made Australian treats! 

These Emu Femur bones come sealed in our reusable sealed pouches. Fresh, organic, and DELICIOUS it’s a Furry friends favourite.

Item is sold as a twin pack. 


Why is Emu beneficial for your pets?

Emu meat is very low in fat, and high protein which will help support and aid your pets growth of lean muscle mass and is high in creatine.

Emu meat presents a rate of iron that is twice as high as beef, and contains vitamins such as B12 and B6 which are essential for red blood cell growth, and a healthy functioning nervous system for your pet! 

Emu meat is also extremely low in cholesterol and is an excellent alternative for the increased amount of cats and dogs that are allergic to more common meats such as beef or chicken.


Emu for pets contains:

🤎 Vitamin B12 and B6

🤎 Vitamin A

🤎 Vitamin C

🤎 Vitamin D

🤎 Low in Fat

🤎 High in Protein


What is Novel Protein?

Novel Proteins are proteins that are rarer and are new to your pet (meat they have never eaten before). These typically do not include more common proteins that make up the majority of pet diets such as lamb, chicken, and beef, but include more rare proteins such as duck, crocodile, kangaroo and emu!