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Pus-sy Prism


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These are like Catnip but BETTER! 

Matatabi is a plant that grows in the mountainous areas of Japan And has a similar effect on cats as catnip, but it is even more dynamic and has a higher percentage of the cat population attracted to its aroma!

Most cats love catnip, but about 50% of cats only react to catnip and about the other 50% that seem to pay no attention to catnip!

Well now there's Matatabi Pus-sy Prisms come into play if you want to give your cat a different awesome treat!


You’ve  heard the enrichment side of the Matatabi plant but what about the dental health of it…

Cat’s don't like having a toothbrush in their mouths, but they still need to eat certain types of foods to keep their teeth strong and healthy, and there's not much out there!

These Pus-sy Prisms will lure your cat in which will give your cat’s teeth a good clean and a good time

They have a rough texture like a bark which is great at removing plaque and aiding in general cleaning. Cats salivate while chewing this will also promote dental health.


​It has also been known for...

  • The prevention of diabetes

  • stabilize blood pressure


*Comes in a 2pk*