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Pet Beer


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Pet Beer is finally here! 

Now we can have a drink with our furry friends! How pawsome is that! Someone has to be the designated driver right?

These Doggy & Kitty beer are FULL of vitamins to help with your furry companions!

Your dog or cat will love these all-natural flavours of our PET BEER with maltodextrin, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin. for mobility and healthy joints! 

Premium quality, human-grade ingredients sourced within Australia are used, to give your dog or cat the best tasting pet drinks.

Health Benefits:

Glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin are natural and contain anti-inflammatory properties that support cartilage regrowth, which will improve lubrication in your furbabies joints, Therefore increasing mobility, Promoting joint health naturally, and can help prevent osteoarthritis.

Boron: Bone is a cast of living cells and fibrous material, with calcified minerals. Boron is one of the micronutrients required for optimal health and is involved in maintaining good bone mineralisation. Boron is essential for calcium to stay bound to the structure of the bone.


Our Flavours:

Paw Blonde - Beef : Beef bone broth, Australian Human Grade

Pawroni - Chicken :  Aussie Human Grade Chicken Breast Powder

KB Bitter - Fish : Fish Bone Broth Human Grade Australian


  • Powdered form - Just add water & shake


Why choose these PET BEERS?

Because it’s safe: Contains no alcohol, preservatives or carbonation and has been formulated by our very own pet nutritionist. Plus it's safe for dogs & cats!

Superior quality: We only use high quality, human-grade ingredients sourced within Australia in order to give your dog the best tasting & safest pet drink!

Nutritional Value:  Ingredients are known for Bone Joint Muscle and Cartilage health.

Long-Lasting: ready-made products 6 months shelf life or sachets, you can store for up to a year when sealed and use when needed.

Versatile: Can be made as a drink, frozen as an icy treat, mixed or sprinkled with food.